Top Magazines in the American World of Sports

A sports magazine is a magazine regularly published like biweekly, monthly, or weekly. It features segments or articles about sports. Usually, it has a fixed number of issues each year.

Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated is one of the top magazines in American sports that focuses on athletes and sports stories that give the sports world a new meaning. Published first in 1954, it is touted as one of the first few magazines that recognized professional football.

Covering all major sports, Sports Illustrated covers college and professional sports regularly. It caters to men and women sports enthusiasts all year round. As the first full-color sports magazine, it features excellent photography and recognizes the “Sportsman of the Year” in a special issue. However, its most popular issue is the “Swimsuit Issue.”

Runner’s World

As the top running magazine all over America, Runner’s World inspires and teaches its readers about injury prevention, training, and health and diet. It also features motivational stories from recreational and professional runners. Every issue also includes reviews on running shoes and accessories. Also, it features information about major race events.


This magazine focuses on cycle and tries to provide the latest scoop on equipment and bikes. It offers information about excellent places to ride. Also, it shares information about cycling races and maintenance tips.

Golf Digest

Golf Digest is a favorite magazine of professional and amateur golfers. It offers the best guidance and instructional articles about golf at all skill levels. Also, it reviews equipment, profiles golfers, provides golf news, and rates golf courses.

Golf Magazine

Golf Magazine has been providing great features, how-to instruction, equipment reviews, tournament coverage, golfer interviews, and travel articles since 1960. It shares advice from professionals about the golf equipment they use, the best gear to buy, and the best courses to play. Also, it covers features and stories about golfing. It has a special “Player of the Year” issue every December.

Tennis Magazine

This Tennis magazine is for all enthusiasts of the sport. Every issue is full of advice on how to improve the golfer’s game. It also features equipment reviews, fitness advice, and the latest competition. It also has fun articles about tennis resorts and camps.

ESPN The Magazine

Awarded as the National Magazine Award Winner for General Excellence in 20017, ESPN the Magazine is for the next generation of fans that emphasizes on the lifestyle, personality, and activities of athletes. It provides excellent photos, insights, cutting-edge design, and humor.

The Hockey News

The Hockey News is one of the top magazines on American sports. First published in 1947, it is the most respected publication about professional ice hockey across North America. It is for fans, executives, players, and everyone. The Hockey News provides statistics and analysis, quality interviews and stories about the National Hockey League teams.

Flex Magazine

Flex Magazine is the most authoritative and popular magazine for bodybuilders. It is for serious weight lifters who want to add symmetry and size through champion-level workouts. It publishes advice columns on effective training, scientific nutrition, recuperation strategies, and exercise routines.


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