Top Magazines about American Fashion

Fashion magazines collaborate with a professional photographer to capture an image of the culture through the fashion pieces. The beautiful and bold images leave an imprint on the power of beauty. Fashion magazines also showcase unrepresented voices of androgynous or transgender models. Readers read touching stories about people who find their place in the fashion world.

Elle Magazine

Elle is an international publication for the affluent, sophisticated and well-traveled woman. Its fashion pages and editorial report on lifestyle, personalities, fashion trends, and global ideas. Also, it prints articles on astrology, fitness, and health.

Harper’s Bazaar

Harper’s Bazaar is an upscale magazine for women. It emphasizes on beauty and style and discusses about the latest fashion in clothes. Also, it prints articles on skin care, hairstyles, and makeup. It has special features on travel, entertainment, health, money, and personalities.


As the National Magazine Award Winner for Magazine of the Year in 2015, Vogue magazine is for a woman who wants the latest trends in art, beauty, accessories, and clothes. Every Vogue magazine issue is full of information about the latest fashion style. It also features personalities, news, and interviews.


Glamour received the National Magazine Award for General Excellence in 2015. It offers advice about fashion, careers, relationships, beauty, and love. It features makeup techniques and tips from professionals. It presents the latest styles in fashion and advises readers on how to become better.


Allure is a beauty magazine that helps women to enhance their looks. It offers makeup tips, hair care ideas, and advice on clothes selection that amplifies each woman’s personality and body. It provides time and cost savings as women no longer have to experiment with new products.


InStyle is a fashion and beauty magazine that features must-have accessories, photos from the Hollywood and red carpet scenes, and new fashion designers. Women who are looking for ideas, styling tricks, and fashion trends can get a copy of the magazine. They can read tips about makeup, nail care, health and fitness, skin care, and hairstyle trends that they can try at home.


Redbook is reality-based fashion and beauty that caters to every woman. It offers the smartest beauty buys, flattery tricks, and anti-aging breakthroughs. For women who want to feel good, Redbook offers tips about fitness and healthy eating. Budget-conscious women will surely love the magazine’s decor, accessories, and fashion finds.

Life & Style Weekly

As one of the top magazines featuring style weekly, Life & Style features style trends, celebrity news, and shopping information. It is perfect for the woman on the go as it has the latest news about Hollywood fashion and beauty.


Essence has been around since 1970. It has evolved to include lifestyle topics, social issues, beauty tips, and relationship advice for the African-American community. Readers celebrate the African-American woman with this magazine. They read about her passions and dreams. The magazine also features celebrities, but mostly African-American women. It produces different special issues like the “Men’s Issue,” the “Body Issue,” the “Readers’ Issue,” the annual Women of the Year, and the annual Black Beauty Awards.


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