The Best Women’s Magazines Today

Technology is on a continuous climb to advancement and refinement, however even with the popularity of gadgets like the smartphone and tablet, people are still into reading and collecting magazines. Women especially are into the whole idea of flipping the pages of the latest magazine they love instead of swiping at their smartphones for current fashion and beauty news.

There are affordable magazine subscriptions that women can take advantage of if they want to save money off newsstand prices and acquire every issue. You can get subscriptions online however before registering for one, you do have to make sure that it’s a genuine deal and not a scam.

Here are some of the most read women’s magazine titles today.

  • Vogue magazine

Vogue is the most popular fashion women for magazines. It has content that ranges from fashion, beauty, high-end fashion editorials, inspirational stories and interviews on successful women, designers, makeup artists, models and celebrities. The magazine also features articles on traveling and the latest society events.

  • Bazaar

Bazaar is another fashion magazine that is respected by not only style setters but women with substance. This is a comprehensive magazine that can be read by females of all ages. Bazaar has content that discusses fashion, beauty, celebrity, modeling, tips on style and dressing up, accessories, high-society and the latest parties. Like Vogue, Bazaar comes out 12 times a year.

  • Glamour

  • Glamour magazine is the faithful companion of this decade’s working women. The magazine comes with features not only on fashion and beauty, but career advice, sex and relationships, food, health and fitness and traveling. It is published in lots of countries from the UK down to South Africa. This is also a monthly publication like the previous magazines.
  • O

O magazine is a monthly read created by Oprah Winfrey, the famous talk show host. This is a magazine that has a sensible appeal and caters to a broad range of ladies. It covers a selection of topics for women who not only have style, but substance as well. This is the recommended magazine for pragmatic ladies from homemakers down to aspiring businesswomen and innovators.

  • Shape

Shape magazine is for the fitness buff. The magazine relays information on maintaining a healthy and trim body the proper way. It comes with fitness tips which are practical and beneficial. They have suggestions on sustaining healthy diets for particular functions. The magazine also provides advice on psychological health. These features alone are what makes them excellent additions on your magazine shelf at home.

The magazine encourages women to be healthy the right way. The exercise and diet guides provided on its pages concentrate more on a pragmatic approach hence making the magazine one of the most sensible reads in its niche.

The needs of every woman are different so there is a demand for individual women’s magazines. Women have various roles in our society today. Furthermore, every role demands a diverse slant. Thankfully, publications take this matter seriously that is why we have different types of women’s magazines today.



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