Mags to help you shape up

Hot topics these days

Weight loss and health are topics that will always be important to the general public. Nobody can turn on a television or go on the internet or sometimes even have a conversation without being bombarded with ads or information about how to slim down, bulk up with muscle, or turn to “clean” eating. The United States is the most diet-obsessed country in the world with the widest range of sizes and health-consciousness amongst its population. Whether its following the latest dieting trend, trying to choose which gym to become a member of, becoming obsessed with workout clothes, or scouting for organic food stores, it’s all being talked about—all the time. One media source that is constantly providing information on all of these things is magazines.

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Many top magazines, regardless of whether or not they focus on health and weight loss, tend to include sections or advertisements that have something to do with fitness, dieting, or clean eating. Celebrities in tabloid magazines are interviewed on how they stay in shape, lost weight, gained or lost muscle for a film role—you name it, they’ve been asked it. Top fashion magazines have pages upon pages filled with models of a similar shape and size and fitness level—lean, toned, “camera-ready.” Some of these magazines even share the fitness regimens and meal plans of these models for those interested in trying to copy the lifestyle. Even teen magazines will showcase various young celebrities promoting healthy living and body positivity. If you pick up a magazine, chances are you are going to see something related to any of these things.

Trending now

With time come different trends. Magazines from ten years ago would have articles about obtaining a beach body through the Atkins diet or any other high-protein, low fat/carb meal plan. Nowadays, all the rage is on high fats (from healthy sources), such as the very popular Keto diet that many Americans are trying their luck with. Carbs also have a better rap, as long as they are from a natural, whole grain source.

health culture NOW

Yoga, once a practice only done by “hippies” is now a widespread phenomenon that many people, especially women, have taken a liking to. It has become so famous and a part of the current fitness culture that the clothing worn to yoga sessions is now a staple in general fashion. Top magazines showing celebrity fashion or current fashion trends have pages of women in yoga pants and leggings, whether they’re engaging in the activity or not. Gym culture has also taken off, with more people now signing up to sweat and also putting a dent in their wallets trying to look the part. Women who work out are definitely aware of the “gym chic”, and magazines showcase these decked out gals sporting must-have gym clothing sets.

There has never been a better time for top magazines in regards to the boom in fitness and health food culture. Just open up any magazine around you and see for yourself.