Top Women’s Magazines

A welcome escape from the internet

Now more than ever women need spaces just for women where there is no judgment for what they like, do, or want. A common issue many women find out in public or even on the internet is that they are judged for what they wear, what they don’t wear… what they eat, what they don’t eat… what selfies they take, what selfies they don’t take… choices in men (or women), music, lifestyle—anything! Where a woman goes, judgment follows. That is why many top magazines are geared towards women specifically and cover all of the avenues that make women women.


A prominent and often controversial top magazine is Cosmopolitan. It is known far and wide for its articles and quizzes about women’s sexuality—giving advice, tips, or even reassurance that it is okay for women to have these thoughts and healthy sex lives. This top magazine also focuses on celebrity news and interviews and has articles about fashion—whether it’s showing off the latest trends or giving advice to the women interested in the industry.


People magazine is another top magazine that many women are subscribers and readers of. Its main focus is on the lives, fashion, and stories of celebrities. Some articles talk about the fashion worn by female celebrities at red carpet events, while other articles talk about the personal lives or relationship statuses of the various stars. People magazine is also famous for its feature of the “Sexiest Man Alive!” where the magazine chooses a male celebrity and dubs them the sexiest man of the year. People is such a top magazine and this feature is so popular that many of the men who receive this title often comment on it in outside interviews.

Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair is a long-running top magazine that delves into the topics of celebrities, fashion, news, and daily life. The magazine is known for its sometimes-controversial photo spreads or articles about tough, real life issues. Many women, and even men, read the magazine for its in-depth celebrity interviews that often make headline news, depending on the topic. Its writers also cover politics and world issues, making it an informative magazine as well one of entertainment.

Daily life mags top the lists

Women’s magazines are not always full of celebrity gossip, fashion shoots, or tips on handling men, however. Many of the top magazines bought by women are cooking, home decor, and daily life magazines such as Real Simple, Good Housekeeping, First for Women, and magazines by the cooking and home-life gurus Martha Stewart and Paula Deen, to name a few. These magazines specialize in giving tips for anything to do with projects around the house, in the kitchen, or one’s health and wellness.

Women come in all shapes, sizes, colors, ages, and interests. That is why there are so many top magazines that cover all the ranges of female expression. Whether a woman’s interest is in cooking, the latest fashion trends, the “Who’s dating who?” gossip mill, or world politics, there is a magazine out there for all of them.

Most popular mags for teens in 2017

Always on top of whats trending

Teenagers are no strangers to fashion, social trends, or the newest tips and tricks to help them out with daily teen living. It makes sense then that there would be magazines made just for the budding youth of society with their own specific problems and perspectives. What is important to a teenager is often not at the top of most adults’ priority lists, which is why it is good that these spaces exist for teenagers to feel like they are understood and accepted. In recent years, some of the magazines geared towards teens have started writing serious articles about the state of American society (good and bad), ways to deal with serious issue topics, and even politics.

Teen Vogue

One of the forerunners in teen magazines that also provides thought-provoking articles and information is Teen Vogue. The Vogue offshoot has more recently made a name for itself because of its high-quality writing and relevant articles to the current social and political climates in the United States. Teenagers (mainly teen girls) are being exposed to concepts and ideas to help them learn to think critically about the world. It is more than a fashion magazine, though it still has many pages dedicated to the trendiest styles amongst young people today. And the magazine does have its fair share of more light-hearted articles, usually about prom, fun social trends, celebrities, dating, and more.


Seventeen is another top magazine that is popular amongst teenage girls. Most of its content is in a fun-loving format that can easily be consumed by young women. The articles and pages in this top magazine tend to revolve around the dating scene, celebrities, Q&A’s about teen girl and women’s issues, and fun activity pages where girls can fill out quizzes to see fun results about their personalities, likes, or even the type of celebrity Prince Charming they could have. At the back of the magazine is a horoscope section, which is a very popular topic for teenage girls, and it always provides a little prediction blurb about their upcoming fortune, life problem areas, and even love life.

Boy’s Life

Not all teen magazines are for girls, though. A top teen magazine called Boy’s Life is the official magazine of the Boy Scouts. It is aimed towards young boys all the way up to age 18. The magazine has many articles about things relevant to the life of a boy scout, but it also includes information that the general teen boy can relate to. Sometimes there are articles about health and fitness, fun quizzes, and even comics. Teen Ink is also a magazine that isn’t girls-only, as it is written and produced for and by teenagers in a tabloid style of writing. It is known for having a large poetry section in each of its magazines.

It is safe to say that for as long as magazines—digital and print—stick around, there will always be a spot for the ones geared towards youth culture. That is why so many are top magazines and known names in many households.