The Hottest News Magazines Today

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How  to choose the news mag for YOU

Let’s face it—this is an exciting time to be alive in the world, especially for news outlets. Anytime the political atmosphere in any country creates a lot of hoopla, it is the media’s time to shine. Threat of war? The news has it covered. Political scandal? The news has it covered. An update from the pope? The news has it covered! Many people across the globe turn to their local, national, and international news outlets for the latest information affecting their fellow mankind. Though a lot of media is consumed through televisions and smartphone screens, there is still a big following of print media, such as newspapers and magazines. People may say that print media is a dying breed, but the following top news magazines prove that there is still a place for paper media, even as they start to transition to online sources and websites.

Most popular news magazines

Time magazine is one of the top news magazines in circulation today. Many Americans rely on this magazine as their source of the top stories in all areas of the news. Time magazine also has a section where it consolidates all of the top news events that happened during the week. There is a section called ‘Verbatim’ that lists some of the most impactful quotes said by figures of interest in the news that week as well. Time also has a feature it does called “Person of the Year,” which showcases an iconic news figure who has been in the news spotlight over the year for whatever reason (usually “good” reasons, but that is not always the case). Many people find it an honor to be chosen for this feature, showing that Time is still a top dog in the area of news magazines.

Another top news magazine is The New Yorker. The New Yorker is well known for its longevity (its first issue was published in 1925) and its iconic, illustrated covers and cartoons. It is also known for its commentary on a wide variety of issues, many of them being current news events. Though it is seen as a magazine of American culture, it definitely has a spot on the list of top news magazines based on the quality of the articles written on various news topics.

People magazine, despite being a top entertainment magazine, is also known for its news articles. It covers the biggest news stories affecting the United States (such as hurricane disasters, mass shootings, and other national issues) and also lesser news topics such as celebrity news. It is mainly a magazine for checking up on the news related to famous stars, singers, and other types of celebrities, but it does sometimes cover other areas of the news if the topic is big enough.

It is still possible to find top news magazines in print circulation, even in this age of technology. Many of these news sources are starting to appear online as well, but nothing beats reading the biggest news articles in the form of a print magazine.