Magazine Styles

Great and not-so-great Magazines

Magazines, much like books, provide a vast range of topics and genres although these are usually in condensed articles within their pages. There is not much fencing, or rules, around what they are allowed to write in magazines today! Depending on the genre, they even include interactive material such as quizzes or games to give insights to different aspects of one’s life. There’s also many regional magazines, or even those just for certain cities to give information on upcoming events or services that are provided in the area.

Top Magazin Genres

Some of the genres most mentioned or sought after are fitness/health, fashion and lifestyle magazines. These genres have many known magazine labels, such as Self, Vogue, Shape, and Cosmopolitan. There are also respective women’s health and men’s health magazines, or even one’s for landscaping or do-it-yourself projects.

Fashionable or Unfashionable Magazine?

To start with the lifestyle and fashion magazines, it’s important to note that they often intermingle and are represented both in one magazine at times. This is true for ones like Cosmopolitan, which gives information on lifestyle trends, beauty and relationship/sex advice or education. It’s also targeted towards women even though men can also gain knowledge from it’s pages. It can even range even toward political articles and celebrity news. Though, they are generally known for the relationship and sex articles, something that is not so commonly discussed in other magazines noted. And, many magazines like this can be seen as just for gossip or superficial purposes but in reality many of them give women insightful information that they might not have looked for on their own. This includes informative articles on different health recommendations and nutrition. Another magazine close to this is Self, which focuses on fitness, food, health and a little bit of love too. This ranges from talking about healthy snacks, gym equipment for at-home workouts to education on PrEP and IUD’s. They do not do as much sensationalized articles, like celebrity gossip, but tend to keep the focus on healthier lifestyles and tips for love and beauty.

Gossip Magazines

On the other hand, Vogue features a focus on celebrity news, culture, lifestyle, beauty and fashion runways. They do have many articles that focus on different cultures, in respects to fashion and lifestyle. Though, they are a premiere magazine when looking into the fashion trends and the direction it is going in through time. Vogue gives information on the upcoming runways, such as what is available to wear, what the essentials of the season will be, etc. for those interested and wanting to keep up with it throughout the year. Another great magazine with it’s own focus is Shape, made specifically for fitness, dieting and weight loss. This magazine puts out articles to help women specifically in nutrition and diet planning, such as meal prep or routines for weight loss or toning, and the individual fitness regimens. It doesn’t try to put women down for how they look, and instead actually posts a lot about body empowerment and appreciating where a person is currently at and where their potential is. All of the magazines listed above have a benefit and if looking for specific genres, it’d be great to check them out.

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