The Significance of Men’s Magazines

There are plenty of men’s magazine titles these days. Mags made for men feature content that they want to read about. They are often sold in newsstands and bookstores right next to women’s magazines, newspaper and the like.

Different Kinds of Men’s Magazines

There are top magazines which are very particular due to their content. Not all men’s magazines come with the same features and news. There are lifestyle magazines for men, gadget, racing, cycling, fitness, fishing and even cooking. If it concerns what men want to know and read about, then they can be featured in the magazine.

Muscle and fitness/health magazines are popular with most guys. These days, men are more concerned with how they look and the state of their health. Men are fond of taking care of themselves without asking assistance from physicians or other people. They will conceivably acquire suggestions and ideas from people who have undergone the same experiences as them. Fitness magazines have features about men who overcame their issues by means of effort and discipline. Most men find these kinds of stories inspirational.

Products that are geared towards guys only are always splashed on the pages of these magazines by way of ads and product features. Most of the time, the profits publications acquire from ads benefit them much more than the sales of the magazine. Companies who have the money to push products and services know that magazines are the way to go. Hence you will see lots of up and coming products and mainstays in the business get their promotional spot in various men’s magazines.

There are also niche magazines for guys like those published for cycling enthusiasts, weapons collectors, lawn and tractor users, bowling fans, fishing and more. While this is not to express that it is only men who pursue those interests, there are groups of guys who only heed recommendations and advice from other men.

For menswear, men’s lifestyle/fashion magazines are good places to start and gather ideas. This type of men’s magazine has content that vary, not only fashion and grooming. It also comes with interviews from celebrities and successful men, movie discussions, travel, gadgets and vice versa.

More often than not, men like reading magazines because it provides them with short and sweet bits of information that are typically up-to-date and can be advantageous so they remember those suggestions. Writers of such magazines are assigned topics which are applicable to the subjects each guy is concerned with in today’s climate. Topics like careers, economy, raising a family, parents, sports and current events are always talked about when men join together.

Not all men’s magazines are packed to the brim with nearly naked women. Most of the top magazines with content focusing on men’s interests have well-written, well-though articles and features. They come with excellent advice as well. The magazines made for men are not that different with content coming from women’s magazines—both sexes are concerned with the same things from fashion, grooming, health and fitness, sex and relationships down to traveling and the latest gadgets.



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The Best Women’s Magazines Today

Technology is on a continuous climb to advancement and refinement, however even with the popularity of gadgets like the smartphone and tablet, people are still into reading and collecting magazines. Women especially are into the whole idea of flipping the pages of the latest magazine they love instead of swiping at their smartphones for current fashion and beauty news.

There are affordable magazine subscriptions that women can take advantage of if they want to save money off newsstand prices and acquire every issue. You can get subscriptions online however before registering for one, you do have to make sure that it’s a genuine deal and not a scam.

Here are some of the most read women’s magazine titles today.

  • Vogue magazine

Vogue is the most popular fashion women for magazines. It has content that ranges from fashion, beauty, high-end fashion editorials, inspirational stories and interviews on successful women, designers, makeup artists, models and celebrities. The magazine also features articles on traveling and the latest society events.

  • Bazaar

Bazaar is another fashion magazine that is respected by not only style setters but women with substance. This is a comprehensive magazine that can be read by females of all ages. Bazaar has content that discusses fashion, beauty, celebrity, modeling, tips on style and dressing up, accessories, high-society and the latest parties. Like Vogue, Bazaar comes out 12 times a year.

  • Glamour

  • Glamour magazine is the faithful companion of this decade’s working women. The magazine comes with features not only on fashion and beauty, but career advice, sex and relationships, food, health and fitness and traveling. It is published in lots of countries from the UK down to South Africa. This is also a monthly publication like the previous magazines.
  • O

O magazine is a monthly read created by Oprah Winfrey, the famous talk show host. This is a magazine that has a sensible appeal and caters to a broad range of ladies. It covers a selection of topics for women who not only have style, but substance as well. This is the recommended magazine for pragmatic ladies from homemakers down to aspiring businesswomen and innovators.

  • Shape

Shape magazine is for the fitness buff. The magazine relays information on maintaining a healthy and trim body the proper way. It comes with fitness tips which are practical and beneficial. They have suggestions on sustaining healthy diets for particular functions. The magazine also provides advice on psychological health. These features alone are what makes them excellent additions on your magazine shelf at home.

The magazine encourages women to be healthy the right way. The exercise and diet guides provided on its pages concentrate more on a pragmatic approach hence making the magazine one of the most sensible reads in its niche.

The needs of every woman are different so there is a demand for individual women’s magazines. Women have various roles in our society today. Furthermore, every role demands a diverse slant. Thankfully, publications take this matter seriously that is why we have different types of women’s magazines today.



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Top Magazines that You Can Read to Inspire You in Your Gardening

Monthly gardening magazines provide inspiration. They tell their readers about gardening techniques, garden design ideas, and new plants. If you are into gardening, you may want to take hold of some of the top magazines about gardening.

Country Gardens

A special publication of Better Homes & Gardens, Country Gardens features real gardeners with various gardening challenges and interests. It also showcases garden crafts and planting diagrams.

The English Garden

The English Garden features articles about the newest thing in gardening. Also, it shows some of the best-cared private gardens with tips and knowledge from the garden owners. Readers will find this magazine as a treasure trove of the most exuberant gardens.

Fine Gardening

Fine Gardening is the go-to magazine for everyone who wants to know the “in” thing in gardening. The writers write about every aspect of gardening.

Garden Design

Garden Designs is one of the top magazines that always offer cutting edge and innovative gardens. It presents photos and details about gardening, from the plants to the design. Readers are even reading back issues.

Garden Gate Magazine

Garden Gate features colorful gardening pages filled with tips and how-tos. It does not accept advertisements, and regularly features Design Challenge, Weed Watch, Before & After, and Container Recipe. Readers always learn something new and find eye candy pictures.


As one of the top magazines about gardening, Horticulture features informative and educational articles that inspire readers to improve their gardens. It has exquisite pictures, but its main goal is to inspire serious gardeners to make improvements on their gardens.

Organic Life

Published by Rodale Institute, also the publisher of an organic gardening book, Organic Life features vegetable gardening, which most magazines do not cover. Readers find articles about garden pests as very humorous.

Gardens Illustrated

Although a British magazine, Gardens Illustrated is also available in Canada and the US. It provides excellent tips about gardening styles and different British estate gardens like the Great Dixter of Christopher Lloyd.

Sunset Magazine

Although not really a gardening magazine, Sunset Magazine has produced different western gardening books. Also, it has set a model for western hardiness zones. Sunset Magazine is the primary source of information by western gardeners. It also caters to non-westerners because they can learn about new trends from the magazine also.

Birds & Blooms

Birds & Blooms combines both interests of gardeners. It features tips on how gardeners can attract certain birds with particular plants. Also, it educates readers about birds that troop to gardens. Birds & Blooms also features numerous photos, projects and crafts for gardeners.

Garden & Gun

Garden & Gun Magazine is a National Magazine Award Winner for General Excellence in 2015. It features award-winning editorial and lush photography as a celebration of the southern lifestyle. It also provides snippets of information about sporting activities, fashion, travel destinations, nature, food, and art & culture.

Better Homes & Gardens

Founded in 1922, Better Homes & Gardens presents lush gardens, excellent gardening tips, memorable recipes, and general housekeeping. Each issue provides colorful pictures, dinner tips, easy-to-follow instructions, plans for a house makeover, and design trends in home decoration.


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Top Magazines in the American World of Sports

A sports magazine is a magazine regularly published like biweekly, monthly, or weekly. It features segments or articles about sports. Usually, it has a fixed number of issues each year.

Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated is one of the top magazines in American sports that focuses on athletes and sports stories that give the sports world a new meaning. Published first in 1954, it is touted as one of the first few magazines that recognized professional football.

Covering all major sports, Sports Illustrated covers college and professional sports regularly. It caters to men and women sports enthusiasts all year round. As the first full-color sports magazine, it features excellent photography and recognizes the “Sportsman of the Year” in a special issue. However, its most popular issue is the “Swimsuit Issue.”

Runner’s World

As the top running magazine all over America, Runner’s World inspires and teaches its readers about injury prevention, training, and health and diet. It also features motivational stories from recreational and professional runners. Every issue also includes reviews on running shoes and accessories. Also, it features information about major race events.


This magazine focuses on cycle and tries to provide the latest scoop on equipment and bikes. It offers information about excellent places to ride. Also, it shares information about cycling races and maintenance tips.

Golf Digest

Golf Digest is a favorite magazine of professional and amateur golfers. It offers the best guidance and instructional articles about golf at all skill levels. Also, it reviews equipment, profiles golfers, provides golf news, and rates golf courses.

Golf Magazine

Golf Magazine has been providing great features, how-to instruction, equipment reviews, tournament coverage, golfer interviews, and travel articles since 1960. It shares advice from professionals about the golf equipment they use, the best gear to buy, and the best courses to play. Also, it covers features and stories about golfing. It has a special “Player of the Year” issue every December.

Tennis Magazine

This Tennis magazine is for all enthusiasts of the sport. Every issue is full of advice on how to improve the golfer’s game. It also features equipment reviews, fitness advice, and the latest competition. It also has fun articles about tennis resorts and camps.

ESPN The Magazine

Awarded as the National Magazine Award Winner for General Excellence in 20017, ESPN the Magazine is for the next generation of fans that emphasizes on the lifestyle, personality, and activities of athletes. It provides excellent photos, insights, cutting-edge design, and humor.

The Hockey News

The Hockey News is one of the top magazines on American sports. First published in 1947, it is the most respected publication about professional ice hockey across North America. It is for fans, executives, players, and everyone. The Hockey News provides statistics and analysis, quality interviews and stories about the National Hockey League teams.

Flex Magazine

Flex Magazine is the most authoritative and popular magazine for bodybuilders. It is for serious weight lifters who want to add symmetry and size through champion-level workouts. It publishes advice columns on effective training, scientific nutrition, recuperation strategies, and exercise routines.


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Add More Style in Your Life with Women’s Magazines

These days, women are not only the women of the house, they are also working professionals, style setters, innovators, successful athletes and more. For the ladies who have well-versed and multidimensional dispositions, they deserve more.

Women the world over are often looking for ways to improve themselves and take in better lifestyles that will suit them. They are fond of the thought that they can move with the times effortlessly. This is the reason why many in-the-know women read women’s magazines. Magazines are here to provide not only information but inspiration as well.

Why Women’s Magazines are Essential

Each and every lady out there is distinctive and has her own preferences that is why magazines with content slated for the ladies do not focus on just one feature. Furthermore, magazines have to accommodate women from a range of age groups since the features that may be relevant to a teen girl might not be something of interest for a woman in her 30s.

Women’s magazines give away information about the latest trends in fashion, beauty, lifestyles, fitness, health, sex and relationships, gadgets and more. They also contain reports about innovations by women and inspiration pieces from successful ladies in their particular fields. As a fact, most women’s magazines are not only for women anymore. Men also read women’s magazines because it gives them insight about what interests women are into. They also read these magazines to understand the ladies more.

Women’s magazines also make great gifts. If you have a friend, family member or relative who loves reading magazines, you can give them the gift of a subscription. Men also love gifting their women with subscriptions to titles they love.

Features of a Women’s Magazine

Here are some of the frequent features in a women’s magazine.

  • The magazine contains vital information on how to improve one’s self. It has plenty of fashion and beauty tips for women who love taking care of their style. They are quite handy for ladies who want to keep up with the trends.
  • There are women’s magazines which contain helpful information about housekeeping. These housekeeping features are not only convenient for homemakers, but for women who tend apartments and houses as well.
  • Professionals are given advantageous career advice by way of articles and interviews with self-made women. They also feature guidance on problems working women often encounter in the workplace.
  • There are columns meant for sex and relationship advice. Women can learn and discuss problems that they may not be otherwise at ease to share with other people.
  • Women’s magazines also come with features about women all over the world. These features talk about the backgrounds and cultures of women in different countries.
  • Fashion pieces also include interviews with people in the industry like designers, makeup artists and models. You can find beneficial tips on these pieces too like how to advance careers in the fashion world plus how to make solid style statements.
  • Due to the popularity of traveling, magazines now devote pieces on travel ideas and destinations, it is easier now to plan out travels due to these pieces in women’s top magazines.
  • Health and fitness are covered as well by way of articles about exercise, food and interviews with reputable fitness trainers.

To conclude, women’s magazines are packed to the gills with satisfying reads that can enrich a woman’s life. Subscribe to your favorite women’s monthly read so you won’t miss a single issue.


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Want More Information? Read Magazines

Newspapers and magazines are considered to be two of the oldest forms of media. These items are major sources of information. Newspapers provide the general public with the latest in current events while magazines feature trends and various pursuits. Thus people who want to have a general idea about things often read magazines. One can select a magazine that caters to his or her interests. Here are the different examples of magazines being offered today.

  • Fashion

If you are interested in the world of fashion, do not just get a magazine that simply mentions fashion on the byline. There are quality fashion magazines out there that completely focus on that particular industry. Purchase them and you will get the latest and most elaborate news relevant to the world of fashion.

Fashion magazines also feature interviews and conversations by well-known fashion designers, models and other creatives working in the industry.

  • Stocks and business

Stocks, business and finance magazines are filled with brand new information about the goings-on in the business world. If you own a company or interested in becoming a solid tycoon, you should read monthly reads that are not only relevant to your business interests, but will also help you become a good tycoon. These magazines provide a comprehensive examination of the business sectors plus stock markets.

  • General news

If you want more in-depth reports about current events or you want to gather information on several subjects, you can go for magazines with general news content. General news magazines are typically sold in newsstands and bookstores.

  • Movie and celebrity

If you want to read news about celebrities and the latest films, or you want information about the movie industry in general, make sure to check out magazines that focus on movie and celebrity. These magazines provide readers of the goings-on on their favorite actors’ and actresses’ lives plus in-depth information about movies.

  • Cookery/cuisine

If cooking is your top pursuit, then you are always trying out new recipes and reading up on the latest food trends. Cooking magazines are something that will catch your interests since these magazines often publish new recipes, come with features about new trends in food and cooking plus restaurant reviews as well.

  • Teen

Teen magazines concentrate on features that cater to that particular demographic. There is a good number of teen magazines being published and they come with articles that can help teens become better versions of themselves. Articles run the gamut from fashion, beauty, health, fitness, relationships, sex and interviews with celebrities, creative individuals and inspirational people.

If you are on the search for a good magazine, make sure that you have an idea of the subjects and features you want to read about. Choose a title carefully like you would a pair of shoes so you can easily acquire the information you need. Furthermore, you must guarantee that you are not buying a standard magazine, but a title that exerts effort to be the best magazine in that particular field. Get those titles and have fun reading them!


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Top Magazines that American Men Read

Unknown to many, men’s magazines are bought and read by their intended audience. Men find interesting information about different matters that concern them.


Esquire magazine caters to professional men and their lifestyle. In 2016, it won the National Magazine Award. Editors offer a wide scope of information about business, fitness, sports, entertainment, the arts, health, fashion, fiction, and family life.

Men’s Health

In 2015, Men’s Health Magazine won the National Magazine Award for General Excellence. It caters to men who want to achieve a healthy, well-rounded lifestyle in body, spirit, and mind. It focuses the discussion on exercise techniques, diet tips, and columns about men’s emotional and mental health.

Each issue of Men’s Health provides detailed guides and workout plans for effective exercises. The articles about nutrition help men understand the different foods that can help them achieve their fitness goals.


GQ is one of the top magazines that men buy. In fact, it won the National Magazine Award in 2016. Topics include advice about entertainment, fashion, and personal relationships. GQ’s articles are about stylish clothes, food, new technology, sports, and movies and books. They also include tips on how to improve the sex life.

Runner’s World

Runner’s World is one of the top magazines about running. In fact, it is the number one magazine that has been publishing for at least 25 years. Runner’s World inspires and instructs men about injury prevention, health, training, and diet. Readers become inspired by the motivational stories of other runners.

Muscle & Fitness

Muscle & Fitness is for both men and women who want a vigorous and fit lifestyle. It offers professional advice about exercise science at all fitness levels. Also, it publishes sports medicine articles, workout techniques, and nutrition guidelines to build and strengthen the body.

Men’s Journal

Catering to men, Men’s Journal focuses on fitness, outdoor adventure, sports, travel, and other adventurous activities.


Flex is an authority when it comes to bodybuilding. It is a popular magazine for weightlifters who want to add workout routines for size and symmetry. Articles are about exercise routines, scientific nutrition, effective training, competitor profiles, recuperation strategies, and bodybuilding contests.

Cigar Aficionado

The magazine is for cigar smokers that cover reviews and rating. Editors publish the “Top 25 Cigars of the Year”. They offer stories about famous cigar connoisseurs. Also, Cigar Aficionado has helpful sections about tobacco, Cuba, and cigars.

Cigar Aficionado provides recommendations about the best cigars based on brand, size, year, score, country, price range, and wrapper. “Good Life Guide” is a popular section about the best of everything. Also, the magazines cover cars, sports, travel, culture, and style. It is perfect for men who love cigars. But, it is also the best gift for somebody who is passionate about cigars. It is a major source of information about cigars and cigar lovers all over the world.

Essential Home

Essential Home is one of the top magazines about affluent, fashion-forward, and successful men who are passionate about high-end, high-quality luxury fashion.


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Top Magazines about American Fashion

Fashion magazines collaborate with a professional photographer to capture an image of the culture through the fashion pieces. The beautiful and bold images leave an imprint on the power of beauty. Fashion magazines also showcase unrepresented voices of androgynous or transgender models. Readers read touching stories about people who find their place in the fashion world.

Elle Magazine

Elle is an international publication for the affluent, sophisticated and well-traveled woman. Its fashion pages and editorial report on lifestyle, personalities, fashion trends, and global ideas. Also, it prints articles on astrology, fitness, and health.

Harper’s Bazaar

Harper’s Bazaar is an upscale magazine for women. It emphasizes on beauty and style and discusses about the latest fashion in clothes. Also, it prints articles on skin care, hairstyles, and makeup. It has special features on travel, entertainment, health, money, and personalities.


As the National Magazine Award Winner for Magazine of the Year in 2015, Vogue magazine is for a woman who wants the latest trends in art, beauty, accessories, and clothes. Every Vogue magazine issue is full of information about the latest fashion style. It also features personalities, news, and interviews.


Glamour received the National Magazine Award for General Excellence in 2015. It offers advice about fashion, careers, relationships, beauty, and love. It features makeup techniques and tips from professionals. It presents the latest styles in fashion and advises readers on how to become better.


Allure is a beauty magazine that helps women to enhance their looks. It offers makeup tips, hair care ideas, and advice on clothes selection that amplifies each woman’s personality and body. It provides time and cost savings as women no longer have to experiment with new products.


InStyle is a fashion and beauty magazine that features must-have accessories, photos from the Hollywood and red carpet scenes, and new fashion designers. Women who are looking for ideas, styling tricks, and fashion trends can get a copy of the magazine. They can read tips about makeup, nail care, health and fitness, skin care, and hairstyle trends that they can try at home.


Redbook is reality-based fashion and beauty that caters to every woman. It offers the smartest beauty buys, flattery tricks, and anti-aging breakthroughs. For women who want to feel good, Redbook offers tips about fitness and healthy eating. Budget-conscious women will surely love the magazine’s decor, accessories, and fashion finds.

Life & Style Weekly

As one of the top magazines featuring style weekly, Life & Style features style trends, celebrity news, and shopping information. It is perfect for the woman on the go as it has the latest news about Hollywood fashion and beauty.


Essence has been around since 1970. It has evolved to include lifestyle topics, social issues, beauty tips, and relationship advice for the African-American community. Readers celebrate the African-American woman with this magazine. They read about her passions and dreams. The magazine also features celebrities, but mostly African-American women. It produces different special issues like the “Men’s Issue,” the “Body Issue,” the “Readers’ Issue,” the annual Women of the Year, and the annual Black Beauty Awards.


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Top Magazines about American Business

Business magazines are the go-to publications of businessmen and other people who want to go into business.


As one of the top magazines for business and economics, Forbes Magazine covers a wide range of subjects that are useful for individual investors and CEOs. Articles are meticulously written to provide information about statistics, and profiles of private investors and companies. It publishes global and national economic news, as well as cultural and social issues that affect the financial and business worlds.

Bloomberg BusinessWeek

Bloomberg BusinessWeek offers business information with timely and surprising perspectives on important issues. It was the National Magazine Award Winner in 2016. Bloomberg BusinessWeek provides insights and unique stories that readers can use to thrive in the global economy.


Wired Magazine was also the 2016 National Magazine Award Winner. It provides readers the latest news about businesses that can change the future. The magazine is for people who are interested and familiar with the high-tech industry. It publishes articles about companies and people behind the technological revolution.


The Entrepreneur Magazine caters to the small business owner who wants to manage and grow his company. It is a magazine that features topics about tax and finance, publicity and advertising, and internet and computer. In addition, it features stories of successful entrepreneurs.


Inc caters to entrepreneurs and executives of small and medium-sized companies. It provides answers and advice to many business questions. Every issue features company case studies and industry overviews. Readers will learn about growth management, tax, labor laws, human resources, financial management, and government regulations.


Fortune has been providing authoritative business information since 1930. It covers startups and established companies. Topics include company reforms, corporate mergers, company profiles, and VIPs in the business world. Also, Fortune offers stock market and sound investment advice.

Fortune is popular for its annual “Fortune 500” and “Fortune 1000” public corporations. Its “Fortune Global 500” is a listing of major international companies. It also publishes special lists and rankings like “Fortune 40 Under 40”, “World’s Most Admired Companies,” “Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For”, and “Most Powerful Women in Business.” It also releases an “Investor’s Guide,” and features the “Business Person of the Year.”

The Economist

The Economist enjoys a reputation for insightful perspective and analysis of world events. It is enjoying a burgeoning global circulation. As one of the top magazines in business, The Economist covers business, books and arts, politics, and science and technology.

Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports is the top provider of 100% unbiased ratings and reviews about homes, cars, technology, health, and safety. It offers the best and most useful information about every consumer product and service. It is a trusted source of information about choices that provide the best value for money.


Especially published for readers who want to be up-to-date with the latest news about people and brands, AdWeek is a magazine that showcases hit TV shows, the most influential campaigns in advertising, and thoughtful perspective about the media industry.

First published in 1978, AdWeek provides comprehensive information about breaking and relevant news, and trending topics. The magazine is for media professionals and other people who want to learn about the latest developments in entertainment, marketing, and advertising.


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Women’s Magazines

Great Magazines for Women

For women, magazine trends are changing constantly whether it’s the newest weight loss regimen, hairstyle, type of food, etc. It happens yearly and even monthly at times, attracting many women to try all types of new merchandise or activities to better themselves if possible. At times, it can almost be dizzying how often things change, from what’s good to bad for you. It can also be a hassle if you’re a beginner and aren’t familiar with different parts of fitness. But, many of these trends can be useful and may push some to try new things and have new experiences. This can include traveling to places they never thought of, discovering foods that become their favorite or becoming more in shape and having a more positive outlook on things. Although magazines can put pressure on women at the same time, there are many positive advantages to the content they are advertising.

Fitness Trends

For one, fitness trends help to give the option for new researched exercise styles that may be better suited for women specifically to tone up, lose weight, and build muscle. Magazines such as Shape focus on fitness and eating well, showing women different methods and types of exercising that might be beneficial to them. Some of these current trends circulating these types of magazines are pound, animal flow, pole exercise, and zumba. Pound is a type of workout that incorporates lightweight drumsticks into cardio with different styles of music. It fuses a few different types of fitness like pilates and polymetrics. Animal flow, on the other hand, does not require any weights or props to do the complete workout. It focuses on using different primal, animal movement type exercises to create one circuit. Some of these exercises include crab walks, lizard crawls, etc. Pole exercise consists of the practice of pole dancing which works the core and upper body as well as toning up the rest of the body through concentrated movements.


A lot of these different kinds of workouts use music as a motivator and a guide, but Zumba acts as the forefront of this. Zumba is almost like a dance class in that they have a large group with a lead instructor teaching them different dance sequences. These sequences are specific to working out different parts of the body while making it a fun experience where you can almost forget you’re exercising. A plus of Zumba, and a few of the other types of workouts mentioned, is that they can also be found on DVD for those who don’t usually have the time to go to a gym. It can also be helpful for women who aren’t quite ready to face the gym, or are not comfortable enough yet. Many women don’t realize that there are nontraditional ways of getting the exercise that they need, ways that may be more exciting or stimulating than lifting weights at the gym or going through the same cycle every time. These magazines give women the opportunity to find these and are even given breakdowns if they are not familiar with the types of exercises.