Top Magazines about American Business

Business magazines are the go-to publications of businessmen and other people who want to go into business.


As one of the top magazines for business and economics, Forbes Magazine covers a wide range of subjects that are useful for individual investors and CEOs. Articles are meticulously written to provide information about statistics, and profiles of private investors and companies. It publishes global and national economic news, as well as cultural and social issues that affect the financial and business worlds.

Bloomberg BusinessWeek

Bloomberg BusinessWeek offers business information with timely and surprising perspectives on important issues. It was the National Magazine Award Winner in 2016. Bloomberg BusinessWeek provides insights and unique stories that readers can use to thrive in the global economy.


Wired Magazine was also the 2016 National Magazine Award Winner. It provides readers the latest news about businesses that can change the future. The magazine is for people who are interested and familiar with the high-tech industry. It publishes articles about companies and people behind the technological revolution.


The Entrepreneur Magazine caters to the small business owner who wants to manage and grow his company. It is a magazine that features topics about tax and finance, publicity and advertising, and internet and computer. In addition, it features stories of successful entrepreneurs.


Inc caters to entrepreneurs and executives of small and medium-sized companies. It provides answers and advice to many business questions. Every issue features company case studies and industry overviews. Readers will learn about growth management, tax, labor laws, human resources, financial management, and government regulations.


Fortune has been providing authoritative business information since 1930. It covers startups and established companies. Topics include company reforms, corporate mergers, company profiles, and VIPs in the business world. Also, Fortune offers stock market and sound investment advice.

Fortune is popular for its annual “Fortune 500” and “Fortune 1000” public corporations. Its “Fortune Global 500” is a listing of major international companies. It also publishes special lists and rankings like “Fortune 40 Under 40”, “World’s Most Admired Companies,” “Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For”, and “Most Powerful Women in Business.” It also releases an “Investor’s Guide,” and features the “Business Person of the Year.”

The Economist

The Economist enjoys a reputation for insightful perspective and analysis of world events. It is enjoying a burgeoning global circulation. As one of the top magazines in business, The Economist covers business, books and arts, politics, and science and technology.

Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports is the top provider of 100% unbiased ratings and reviews about homes, cars, technology, health, and safety. It offers the best and most useful information about every consumer product and service. It is a trusted source of information about choices that provide the best value for money.


Especially published for readers who want to be up-to-date with the latest news about people and brands, AdWeek is a magazine that showcases hit TV shows, the most influential campaigns in advertising, and thoughtful perspective about the media industry.

First published in 1978, AdWeek provides comprehensive information about breaking and relevant news, and trending topics. The magazine is for media professionals and other people who want to learn about the latest developments in entertainment, marketing, and advertising.


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Women’s Magazines

Great Magazines for Women

For women, magazine trends are changing constantly whether it’s the newest weight loss regimen, hairstyle, type of food, etc. It happens yearly and even monthly at times, attracting many women to try all types of new merchandise or activities to better themselves if possible. At times, it can almost be dizzying how often things change, from what’s good to bad for you. It can also be a hassle if you’re a beginner and aren’t familiar with different parts of fitness. But, many of these trends can be useful and may push some to try new things and have new experiences. This can include traveling to places they never thought of, discovering foods that become their favorite or becoming more in shape and having a more positive outlook on things. Although magazines can put pressure on women at the same time, there are many positive advantages to the content they are advertising.

Fitness Trends

For one, fitness trends help to give the option for new researched exercise styles that may be better suited for women specifically to tone up, lose weight, and build muscle. Magazines such as Shape focus on fitness and eating well, showing women different methods and types of exercising that might be beneficial to them. Some of these current trends circulating these types of magazines are pound, animal flow, pole exercise, and zumba. Pound is a type of workout that incorporates lightweight drumsticks into cardio with different styles of music. It fuses a few different types of fitness like pilates and polymetrics. Animal flow, on the other hand, does not require any weights or props to do the complete workout. It focuses on using different primal, animal movement type exercises to create one circuit. Some of these exercises include crab walks, lizard crawls, etc. Pole exercise consists of the practice of pole dancing which works the core and upper body as well as toning up the rest of the body through concentrated movements.


A lot of these different kinds of workouts use music as a motivator and a guide, but Zumba acts as the forefront of this. Zumba is almost like a dance class in that they have a large group with a lead instructor teaching them different dance sequences. These sequences are specific to working out different parts of the body while making it a fun experience where you can almost forget you’re exercising. A plus of Zumba, and a few of the other types of workouts mentioned, is that they can also be found on DVD for those who don’t usually have the time to go to a gym. It can also be helpful for women who aren’t quite ready to face the gym, or are not comfortable enough yet. Many women don’t realize that there are nontraditional ways of getting the exercise that they need, ways that may be more exciting or stimulating than lifting weights at the gym or going through the same cycle every time. These magazines give women the opportunity to find these and are even given breakdowns if they are not familiar with the types of exercises.