Magazine Styles

Great and not-so-great Magazines Magazines, much like books, provide a vast range of topics and genres although these are usually in condensed articles within their pages. There is not much fencing, or rules, around what they are allowed to write in magazines today! Depending on the genre, they even include interactive material such as quizzes or games to give insights

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Top Women’s Magazines

most popular womens magazines

A welcome escape from the internet Now more than ever women need spaces just for women where there is no judgment for what they like, do, or want. A common issue many women find out in public or even on the internet is that they are judged for what they wear, what they don’t wear… what they eat, what they

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Most popular mags for teens in 2017

popular magazines with teenagers

Always on top of whats trending Teenagers are no strangers to fashion, social trends, or the newest tips and tricks to help them out with daily teen living. It makes sense then that there would be magazines made just for the budding youth of society with their own specific problems and perspectives. What is important to a teenager is often

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The Hottest News Magazines Today

most popular news magazines

so many options- so overwhelming! How  to choose the news mag for YOU Let’s face it—this is an exciting time to be alive in the world, especially for news outlets. Anytime the political atmosphere in any country creates a lot of hoopla, it is the media’s time to shine. Threat of war? The news has it covered. Political scandal? The

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Mags to help you shape up

slim down this holiday season

Hot topics these days Weight loss and health are topics that will always be important to the general public. Nobody can turn on a television or go on the internet or sometimes even have a conversation without being bombarded with ads or information about how to slim down, bulk up with muscle, or turn to “clean” eating. The United States

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Sex Sells- A Playboy Analysis

top magazine reviews

One of the top magazines of the world Whether you agree with the content or hate that it exists, Playboy magazine is one of the top magazines in the world and one of the most recognizable brands in the world. Founded by the late Hugh Hefner in 1953, and marketed as a men’s lifestyle and entertainment magazine, the issues feature

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